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The certificates are valid for three years, after which recertification is required.

Maintain and secure your professional expertise and boost your clients’ confidence in you as an advisory specialist.

Recertification for existing certificate holders

Recertification guidelines

Please contact your employer for further information about the recertification procedure.
In case your employer is not able to provide you with the information needed we ask you to fill out the following form:

  • Application Recertification

The form needs to be submitted electronically or via regular mail to SAQ.

Please notice that according to our examination regulations the admission conditions for a recertification remain the same as for your first certification:

  • Candidates must be employed by a financial institution at the time of re-certification;

  •  they must have a client book, participate in such a book or else work independently for clients in a specialist capacity and be in direct contact with them.

Should the handed in documents be considered as sufficient for recertification and all conditions be fulfilled, we will gladly provide you with a new certificate and the corresponding invoice of CHF 190.00.

In order for SAQ to be able to remind you of your due recertification, please inform us of changes in your home address. Also, please make sure to name your current private email address for our quick and direct communication.

Waiving of certificate renewal

In the event that you may not wish to extend your certificate or if you are no longer working in the field of client advising, we ask you to return your certificate to SAQ due to binding regulations.

Recertification for companies

Once a certificate has expired, the holder may request recertification if they meet the requirements and provide the necessary documentation, e.g. evidence that they have passed an exam or completed certain learning or training modules.

Evidence for recertification can be submitted by examination boards, affiliated banks and external institutions. Valid recertification evidence must be recognised by the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality and confirmed with a SAQ code.

You can find everything you need to know about recertification evidence in the Downloads area.