Acceptance of recertification measures

Once a certificate has expired, the holder may request recertification if they meet the requirements and provide the necessary documentation, e.g. evidence that they have passed an exam or completed certain learning or training modules.

Evidence for recertification can be submitted by examination boards, affiliated banks and external institutions. Valid recertification evidence must be recognized by the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality and confirmed with a SAQ code.

You can find everything you need to know about recertification evidence and acceptance in the Downloads area.

Fee model for external institutions

Annual flat fee per external institution  

CHF 250.00

One-time acceptance and testing fee per new measure

CHF 250.00

Annual measure fee per measure

CHF   50.00

The annual flat fee is invoiced in the first year together with the one-off acceptance and testing fee at the time of acceptance. In subsequent years, the annual flat fee and the annual measure fee will be invoiced in the first quarter of the respective year. For years already started, the flat fee and measure fees are always fully charged.