Frequently asked questions

A compilation of the most frequently asked questions on the SAQ certification scheme for banking relationship managers.


Is my certificate still valid?

The period of validity of your certificate is indicated on the document itself. In case you are no longer in possession of your certificate, our Client Advisor Bank Team will gladly be of assistance. In order for the certificate to keep its validity, certificate holders must fulfill the requirements given in the examination regulations.

How can I extend my certification?

An extension for further 3 years of validity requires the submission of accepted recertification measures. Click here for further information.

Where can I take recertification measures?

Apart from the courses provided by our partner-organizations there are a variety of other courses accepted for recertification. You can find an overview here.


Which diplomas are accepted as an equivalent for the first certification of an SAQ-certificate?

The HFBF-diploma is an accepted equivalent for the written exam, depending on the issuing date of the HFBF diploma. Requests can be submitted directly to SAQ. Despite this recognition, candidates interested in the certifications KMU, CCoB and CWMA need to pass a gap-exam.

How can I prepare for the exams?

We recommend the courses offered by our public partner-organizations. Click here for further information.

How many attempts do I have at passing the SAQ-exams?

Candidates are granted 3 attempts for each exam (regular or partial exam).

What can I do if I failed the written exam?

If you do not agree with the negative result of your written exam you are free to file an objection. Click here for further information.

An inspection of the written exam is not possible. However, candidates may contact the examination body directly to receive a performance feedback.

What can I do if I failed the oral exam?

Candidates may inspect their examination documents (60 minutes, alone) and file an objection. Click here for further information.

Am I allowed to inspect the documents of my failed exam?

Only the documents regarding the oral exam are open for inspection.

What is the price of an SAQ-certificate?

For information concerning the prices of trainings and the examination process please contact the public providers directly.

My employer does not offer recertification measures. How can I still be granted my recertification?

Candidates whose employers do not offer recertification measures may sign up for courses offered by our public providers.

When can I submit the application for my recertification?

The application for recertification can be submitted to SAQ 3 months before the certificate’s expiration date at the earliest. Click here for further information.

Am I admitted to the exams if I did not attend preparational courses?

Yes, the attendance of preparational programs is not mandatory. Candidates may sign up for the exam directly, if all requirements are fulfilled.

Do I need to inform SAQ continually about passed recertification measures?

No, it is the candidate’s responsibility to keep track of passed recertification measures. Proof of all measures required (24 Credits) needs to be submitted to SAQ at the moment of the application for recertification (3 months before expiration of the certificate).

My address/name/etc. has changed since my last SAQ-certification. How can I notify SAQ?

Please use our online-form so your contact details can be updated.

Do my passed exams keep their validity if I change employers?

Passed SAQ-exams (partial exams or regular exams) have a validity of 3 years no matter the current employer.

In case of maternity leave, am I granted a deadline extension for my recertification?

Mothers are granted an extension of 6 months after the expiration of their certificate to attain all recertification measures needed.

I lost my certificate. Is it possible to order a duplicate?

Duplicates of valid certificates can be ordered if the certificate holder still fulfills the requirements for certification. Duplicates are created for the price of CHF 100.00. Our Client Advisor Bank Team will gladly take your order.

I am an independent wealth manager. Can I be SAQ-certified?

Yes, if your role matches the CWMA profile defined by SAQ and if your employer is a member of a self-regulation organization.

What if my certificate expired and I did not apply for recertification?

If your certificate expired and you did not submit the recertification application with proof of recertification measures taken, your certificate lost its validity. The original certificate must be returned to SAQ.

Do I, as a certificate holder, have the possibility to change to another certification?

A change of certification programs (Passerelle) is only possible within the same sector (between Client Advisor Private Clients and Individual Clients, CCoB and KMU, Affluent and CWMA).

For more information see the certification program respective.

Can my certification be put on hold temporarily?

You have the possibility to submit a suspension request. The certification can be suspended for a maximum of 18 months.

Please find further information here