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SAQ, your neutral and independent partner for personal certification

Personnel certifications make theoretical knowledge and practical skills visible, transparent and internationally comparable. As a neutral and independent personal certification body, SAQ certifies people in different fields by joining forces with its partners.

By obtaining a personal certificate, you prove that you have a standardised qualification profile and therefore possess specialist, methodical and social skills in your professional field.

Our certificates comply with internationally recognised auditing standards and enjoy a high degree of acceptance on the job market.

Certificates in the field of informatics

You will receive certification of competence in accordance with international standards.


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Certificates in the field of quality management

SAQ/EOQ certificates highly valued in business and administration.


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Certificates in the field of business & corporate

Certificates from this field are linked to a corresponding course at AKAD Business.


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Certificates in the field of occupational safety

Certify that you have the know-how required to manage the risks in operational processes.


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