Exam - The Path to the CPRE Certificate

IREB prescribes an exam process for each level of certification and defines the minimum requirements for the exam environment. The exam questions are also provided by IREB. These are uniform worldwide and are available in different languages.

Passing the exam is required to obtain the corresponding CPRE certificate. The CPRE certificates are valid indefinitely.

There are two ways to take an exam:

  • at a training organisation (with or without course).
    You can obtain the relevant exam dates directly from the training provider.
  • at the SAQ office in Bern
    We offer exams for individuals or small groups (maximum five persons). You can agree exam dates directly with us via email or by telephone (+41 31 330 99 14).

SAQ Personnel Certification is responsible for organising and evaluating the exam. The written confirmation of the result will be issued 10 to 15 working days after the exam.

CPRE Foundation Level (FL)

The exam is either written or PC-based, but in any case at an exam location that fulfils the conditions specified by IREB and under the supervision of a person authorised by SAQ Personnel Certification, who will be accountable for the proper conduct of the exam.

The IREB Examination Regulations apply to the conduct of the exam.

CPRE Advanced Level (AL)

The exam can be taken in German or English. Currently, English is available for the modules Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation and Requirements Modelling, it will soon be available for Requirements Management.

The exam consists of two parts:

  • Written exam
    This is a multiple-choice test of 75 minutes. Upon request the exam time can be extended by 15 minutes for non-native speakers. The test is usually conducted directly after a course of instruction, but may also be taken at a later stage, e.g. at a test centre.
  • Thesis
    The thesis must be submitted within a year after the written exam. It should be a realistic project situation from your work environment and prove that you are able to apply the acquired RE knowledge.

The written exam will be evaluated by SAQ. You will receive the result in writing sent to the residential address provided by you when you enrolled. An experienced IREB assessor evaluates the thesis.
After passing both parts you will receive your certificate.

CPRE Expert Level (EL)

The CPRE Expert Level Examination Regulations defines the scope of an exam and its sequence. The exam is composed of the following three parts:

Part 1: Written application 
The written application must prove that the candidate meets the exam requirements (see above).

Part 2: Thesis
The thesis must show that the candidate has in-depth knowledge of Requirements Engineering.

Part 3: Oral exam
The oral exam is a face-to-face meeting or a video conference at a defined place. It lasts 90 minutes and consists of three parts:

  1. Case (30 minutes following a two-hour preparation period). The candidate must present his/her suggestions and thoughts on the given case.
  2. Questions about Requirements Engineering related to the Candidate's projects (30 minutes).
  3. General questions about Requirements Engineering (30 minutes).

The language for all three parts of the examination (written application, thesis, oral exam) is English.

The exam is deemed passed if all three partial exams have been passed. Passing Part 1 is a prerequisite for participation in Part 2, passing Part 2 is a prerequisite for participation in Part 3.
The SAQ informs the candidate about the respective result. In the case of the oral exam, the result is communicated immediately after the exam.