ISTQB® Certified Tester certificates

The certificates attest that graduates have a solid knowledge and good application practice throughout the testing process.

ISTQB®/SAQ Certified Tester Foundation Level

The foundation level provides you with basic knowledge. You get to know the terminology and the techniques of software testing in order to work as a tester. The training is suitable for you, if you

  • are a software tester in an industrial or service company and want to add to your experience with basic knowledge
  • have taken on test tasks or want to take them on and have no basic knowledge

If you have mastered the foundation level and have several years of testing experience, then you should aim for the advanced level. This is divided into three modules, which are individually tested and certified.

ISTQB®/SAQ Certified Tester Agile Extension Foundation Level

This foundation-level additional training as an agile tester conveys the knowledge needed to work successfully in an agile project as a test specialist and to contribute own test expertise in the best possible way. The most important learning content is:

  • basic principles of agile software development
  • aspects of agile approaches
  • differences between tests in traditional and agile approaches
  • status of testing in agile projects
  • role and ability of a tester in an agile team
  • agile test methods
  • assess quality risks and estimate testing overhead
  • techniques and tools in agile projects

A prerequisite for participating in the exam is the Foundation Level certificate.

ISTQB®/SAQ Certified Tester Advanced Level

Advanced Level students are qualified to perform all testing- related activities. The course is divided into three modules, which can be attended individually and each conclude with an exam. These are:


  • SAQ Certified Tester – Test Manager (Teilzertifikat)
  • SAQ Certified Tester – Test Analyst (Teilzertifikat)
  • SAQ Certified Tester – Technical Test Analyst (Teilzertifikat)

An overall certificate is issued after obtaining 3 partial certificates.

ISTQB®/SAQ Certified Tester Expert Level

The Expert Level is aimed at experienced, professional software testers who want to deepen their knowledge in a special field. It consists of various modules, such as

  • Test Process Improvement
  • Test Management

Planned additional modules are:

  • Test Automation
  • Security Test