Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX)

The development of usable, functional and attractive products is no coincidence, but can be done according to plan by applying the appropriate methods and procedures. The inclusion of future users and consistent integration into the existing software and product development processes are central to this.

By acquiring CPUX certification

  • you objectively prove that you have internationally recognised competence in Usability & UX.
  • you ensure that your basic Usability & UX knowledge as a practitioner is current.
  • you can aim for advanced certification, such as Usability Tester, User Requirements Engineer, Information Architect and Usability Engineer.
  • ensure that as a stakeholder you are familiar with the basic concepts of usability - in other words, that you can confidently answer the question "Do You Speak Usability?". CPUX-F certification is suitable for stakeholders who want to collaborate with usability professionals and familiarise themselves with the basic terms and processes of usability engineering. Examples of such stakeholders are development managers, software developers, designers, users, product managers, and marketing professionals.

At present you can take exams in German and English for Foundation Level.